About Us

Company Profile

Since its founding in 2017, Imix Kimia Sdn Bhd has become one of the leading suppliers of thinners in Malaysia, with multiple industrial chemicals in its portfolio. The company is head quartered in Selangor, Malaysia.

The founder, Mr David Lim has been involved in the industrial chemicals industry for the past 40 years specialising in sales and marketing. Due to his vast exposure and experience, he is remarkable at understanding the needs of the market.

Product & Services

Paint thinner is one of the most common and also most versatile industrial chemicals. Thinners are mainly used for paint mixing or for general clean-up; however it is also excellent for other industrial cleaning application such as eliminating stains, grease and unwanted residues from certain surfaces.

Imix Kimia blends its signature T600 thinner that is widely used to dilute or extend oil-based paints especially for the automotive sector. We cater 2k thinners to our more demanding clients as well to be mixed with polyurethane paints commonly used in the luxury automotive market. General use thinners are also offered to hardware / DIY stores nationwide. In addition to our off the shelf product, we work closely with our customers to blend paint thinners and other chemicals according to their necessary specifications.

Due to the volatile nature of the solvent market, Imix Kimia also provides shipping and storing solutions for chemical(s) so that clients can have access to their chemical(s) whenever they need it. Packaging is done in tin/container as per client’s requirement.


Our mission is to provide analytical and cost effective solutions to ensure our customers’ needs are properly met. We strongly believe that ‘Not everyone fits the mould’ as there should be multiple solutions to multiple problems. Accurately identifying the root of the problem will therefore enable us to propose the best products for a particular solution.